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The Launch, Fix, Grow Course

With this online course Coach Justin will take you through the exact process that he used to help take Adam from being frustrated and ready to quit podcasting to being ranked in the top 30 in his iTunes category.


In The Trenches video series

You get to come along with Adam and Justin as they experiment with new ideas for show growth, monetization, and audience connection. Find out what really works.....and what really doesn't. 


The Podcaster's Mastermind....aka.. Podcastermind

Connect with a tribe of like minded individuals looking to share ideas, add support, and help grow each other's shows. This isn't just another's a PODCASTERmind!

Justin Schenck is the host of The Growth Now Movement Podcast and has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to watch in 2018 by He's also been named an "Icon Of Influence in the new media space. Justin's show is now being played in over 100 countries and he's able to make a bigger impact than he could ever imagine. 

Adam Schaeuble...aka... The P.H.D. (previously heavy dude) is the host of the Million Pound Mission Podcast. By implementing the simple processes he learned from Coach Justin he was able to go from wanting to give up podcasting to being ranked in the Top 30 in the Nutrition and Fitness category!

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This weekly podcast will be a great resource for anyone that is trying to get their message out there via podcasting....aka...Casting The Pod!

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