One on One coaching with Adam aka...The PHD (previously heavy dude)

Adam has lost over 100 LBS himself and has helped his home town lose over 35,000 LBS. Now it's your turn!

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It's time to reclaim control

Adam specializes in helping people reclaim control over their food, their fitness, and their overall life momentum.

The good news is that you can borrow some of Adam's energy (he's got plenty to go around)...until you build up your momentum!


The Perfect Time to start is NOW

Adam thrives on helping people figure out how to make better choices when life circumstances aren't ideal. Stop waiting for "perfect" and just get started!

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Key benefits from this program

Total Customization: Your nutrition and fitness will be customized to fit your goals and experience level. 

The Client HUB: Adam will create a shared Google Doc...aka....The HUB where all of your program information will be stored and your daily food/fitness entries will be logged. This will allow for easy updates and great client/coach communication.

Strategy Sessions: You will do a 30 minute video chat strategy session on the week before your program begins and again during the last week of your program. 

Weekly Office Hours: You can plug into a 15 minute video chat session with Adam each week for quick updates and help.

Daily Email Access: You will have a direct email to Adam for quick help as needed.

It's time for ACTION

For things to change YOU have to be willing to change. Adam has your let's DO THIS!

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