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We've got your back

Accountability and mentorship are always a huge part of our programs. Adam is going to assign one of his hand picked Accountability Coaches to do DAILY email check ins with you. They will be there to support you and answer questions every step of the way! The best part is that every coach started as a client and has achieved amazing results with this program!

With this bootcamp you will also have access to our private bootcamp Facebook group where you can interact with Adam, his coaches, and other bootcampers for continued support, Q&A, and accountability. 

Perfect for all experience levels

You've got options! Both our nutrition programs and exercise regimens allow you to "choose your own adventure" and pick the routine/regimen that best suits you, your goals, and your experience level. 

Solve your danger zones

It's time to learn how to overcome those "life happens" moments that always seem to lead to a crash and burn back to where we started. We will have a weekly focus topic and  homework assignments where you will be challenged and coached through a process that will allow you to dominate these tricky situations moving forward!

"I love telling people that I just turned 60 years young, have kept off 50 pounds for 5+ years and take NO medicine for health issues. This program has given me the confidence to think I CAN everyday."

Kim L
50lb club member

So what is included?

  1. You can choose from our four best nutritional plans(Clean eating, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, and Keto) for this 8 week bootcamp. All support materials (recipe books, approved foods lists, etc) are included.
  2. You have access to our online on demand follow along workout videos for bodyweight workouts, fat burning cardio, strength training, and abs. We will provide guidance as to which fitness regimen you should follow for your bootcamp.
  3. You have access to our private bootcamp Facebook group. Each week there will be a live coaching and Q&A session with Adam and he will guide you through your weekly homework assignment. Bootcampers will also be encouraged to interact with each other and post daily food/fitness reports for added accountability. We will also provide some LIVE follow along workout sessions inside this group.
  4. You get our Push56 course. Each week we will give you an assignment to help you identify, analyze, and learn how to overcome those transformation danger zones that have been holding you back!
  5. You will be assigned an Accountability Coach that you will check in with every day with a quick email report. They will keep you motivated and on track for the entire bootcamp.

"I have so much energy after losing 150lbs! The amazing support system made the difference!!"

Lisa T
150lb club member

Important details

  • This is an 8 week (56 day) program.
  • The price for this bootcamp is $397.00. We have a limit of 50 total roster spots for this bootcamp.
  • You will have access to all of the course videos, materials, and the Facebook group for a total of 10 weeks. Access will start one week prior to bootcamp launch and end one week after bootcamp concludes.
  • Anyone can do this program from anywhere in the world. Ready to donate some weight?


"I’ve gained strength and endurance as well as the tools to manage my nutrition and fitness no matter what life throws my way! I love the support I get!"

Nancy A.
30lb club member

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