Couch to Carnivore

Let our expert coaches take you on a journey from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to cutting edge Carnivore.

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Simple Format

Nutrition can be super confusing! The coaches break things down into an easy to implement format so that you get the best results possible from each phase.

Customize Your Journey

Start in the phase that makes the most sense for you. That is what makes this an ideal fit whether you are a total nutrition newbie or a Keto Pro!

Seven Phase Progression

This is a "go at your own pace" course where the coaches recommend how much time to spend in each of the eight phases.

Course Benefits

  • Seven phase progression to help you transition from the Standard American Diet to Paleo, to Low Carb, to Keto, and three phases of Carnivore.
  • Recommended time length to invest in each of the eight phases.
  • Calorie recommendations to keep you looking lean, feeling strong, and burning fat.
  • Macro goal breakdown for each phase to help maximize your results.
  • Continuous away with those questions!
  • Great recipes and cooking method ideas from the coaches.
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Coach Danny Vega

Danny Vega is one of the most respected and most interesting people in the world of all things keto, carnivore, and being fat fueled. He's a former collegiate strength coach turned fitness coach, podcaster, and online entrepreneur.

Coach Adam Schaeuble

The PHD (previously heavy dude) has personally lost over 100lbs and helped his home town lose over 35,000 lbs. Now he's the host of the Million Pound Mission podcast.


  • All course participants will get access to weekly small group video chat coaching sessions. 
  • All course participants will get access to sign up for 15 minute Hot Seat sessions with Coach Adam.
  • NOTE: Space is limited for these two bonuses and community members will be served on a first come first serve basis when we schedule these sessions.
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