Adam's Three Phase Lifestyle Rehabilitation Process

Phase One: The Transformation Momentum Reversal

In this phase we will reverse your momentum by learning how to identify, analyze, and plan ahead for your transformation danger zones.

*every coaching client must start with this phase

Phase Two: The Lifestyle Audit

In this phase we will help you become more aware and efficient with your time, energy, and daily activities so that you can invest time in the things that matter the your health!

Phase Three: The Next Level Goal Achiever

In this phase we are going to take advantage of the positive momentum you are building and put together a plan to achieve your next set of transformation goals.

How it works:

When you are selected to become an online coaching client Adam will personally coach you through his three phase Lifestyle Rehabilitation process that is described above.

Each phase will last approximately five weeks long and includes five coaching calls with Adam.

Call #1 is a 30 minute one on one transformation battle plan session.

Calls #2-4 are 30 minute small group (1-3 people) checkpoint calls to get an update, answer questions, and check in on progress.

Call #5 is a 30 minute one on one "What happens next?" strategy session to map out your next steps.

Each phase also comes with an online companion course with your weekly homework assignments and videos.

*The cost of each phase is $497.00. Roster space is very limited so you must apply to get a spot on the wait list.


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