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Program Details


Phase 1

The 10-Day Mini Mastermind

When it comes to your transformation...... momentum is everything!

In the first phase of your ReBoot we are going to focus on reversing your transformation momentum from negative to positive.

This will happen through our 10-Day Mini Mastermind. In this phase you will have simple daily assignments that will help you gain clarity about what is holding you back and how to break through these barriers. 

Adam has an online course with daily homework for you to work through and you will be able to sign up for as many of our mini mastermind small group coaching sessions as you would like during this phase. 

As you exit this phase you will have a specific game plan in place to attack your goals and create sustained positive momentum.

Phase 2

The Transformation Support Community.

Once you complete your 10-Day Mini Mastermind you will be brought into our larger community with a goal of achieving long term positive momentum with your transformation.

Having a supportive community of like minded individuals is a key to long term transformation success.

Each month Adam will present the group with a simple plan of action and focus points.

We will fight this battle TOGETHER...28 days at a time and you will feel an amazing amount of support through our livecast sessions, small group video strategy sessions, the private Facebook Group, monthly online course assignments, and even a few one on one hot seat sessions with Adam.

Adam and his team of coaches will be there each month to make sure you have a game plan and have maximum support so that you can achieve your goals and solve your transformation danger zones once and for all!

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"The Black Hole of Fitness Doom is that place where people: try a new program, get some initial results, and then they get blindsided by life circumstances which leads to a crash and burn. My mission in life is to help people break free of this vicious cycle!"

Adam Schaeuble
The PHD (previously heavy dude) and the creator of The Million Pound Mission

Important details

  • Once your 10 day FREE trial membership is over your recurring membership fee is $97.00/month. You can easily cancel your membership at any time.
  • This program is ideal for anyone that has struggled with losing and regaining weight in an ongoing cycle.
  • This program is ideal for all fitness levels and nutritional styles. 
  • We will provide the nutrition program that Adam used to lose 100lbs including a free recipe book and a 7 day done for you meal plan. (Members won't be required to use these resources if they are following a different nutrition style). 



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